I enjoy reading reincarnation stories, so I thought I’d try my hand at translating a few. And, as it turns out, translating is really fun and rewarding! I love reading everyone’s comments and seeing all the new perspectives that you guys have that I had never thought about before 🙂

Even though I’ve already been doing this for over a year, I don’t have a release schedule, and I still have no plans to make one. I have a tentative schedule on the Projects page, but I worry that if I try to hold myself to a strict release schedule, that I’ll stress myself out when life gets in the way. So, tentative it shall remain.

That being said, I’ve gone through dry spells with no chapter releases before… Life, ya know? But when it gets to be too long, or you guys are getting antsy to know what will happen next, feel free to comment somewhere and ask about it! It will probably guilt trip me back into working mode haha.

Also if you want to know when I update through the magical power of discord, then I have one: https://discord.gg/YPEscaG . It’s honestly dead (except on rare occasion). I’m not much of a conversation starter, but I’d be happy to chat lol. So feel free to just throw out whatever’s on your mind! 

Woah! You cared enough about me as a person to not only go to my About page, but also to scroll down. As a reward, here is a link to a blog that talks about my study abroad in Japan. If you want to know about the me that is not anonymously called the Righteous Flower of Evil, check out my Weebly blog Peanut Abroad. Have any questions about studying abroad yourself? Feel free to hit me up. I had a great time and I would love to help you with any of your possible concerns.

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