I’ll Become a Villainess That Will Go Down in History Ch. 14

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T/N: I want to give a big thank you to my Cookie Donor Shannon! I still haven’t decided what sweets to get, but I think I’m leaning towards chocolate muffins for a start ❤

For a moment I’m stunned by His Majesty’s unexpected question, and I just stand there confused.

Um, what did he just say? He asked about what? The position that our country occupies in the world?

Why is he asking me that? There’s no way that I would be able to answer that sort of question, right?

I’m just an 8-year-old girl, you know? ….At least on the outside….

Maybe this is a challenge sent down from God to test whether I’m really fit to call myself a villainess?

That must be it. Otherwise there’s no way that a king would be sitting in front of me and asking that sort of question.

I glance over at the map that lays open on the desk.

This country, the Duelkis Kingdom’s position in the world…. That’s right, we’re a big country, but that doesn’t necessarily make us a good country.

That’s what I’ve come to understand from the books that I’ve been reading recently. It seems all that reading that I’ve been doing was worthwhile after all.

Will it be enough if I just say something like that? It certainly sounds like something a villainess would say.

Because that would mean I’d be telling a king to his face that his country isn’t that good! That’s the very picture of a villainess!

I wonder what I should do if he banishes me from the kingdom for saying that…. Well, if that happens, I’m sure I’ll figure something out.

I mean, I was reborn into this world in order to be a villainess after all, I couldn’t possibly back down here.

“This country may be large, but with all due respect, I can’t call it a good country,” I say, keeping steady eye contact with the king and standing as straight and tall as I can.

At my words, His Majesty’s face darkens. Which is to be expected, considering he just had his own country badmouthed by an 8-year-old child.

……But Duke on the other hand…. why does he look like he’s enjoying this? Aren’t you the king’s son??

I probably have no right to judge, since I was the one who said that and all, but shouldn’t you be feeling angered by my words?

“What’s not good about it?”

I figured that question would be coming.

But wow. I’m surrounded by a bunch of geniuses all older than me and being interrogated by the king…. what sort of torture is this? But enduring ordeals like this is also an important aspect of being a villainess.

So without stopping to feel sorry for myself, I start formulating my answer. At an insane speed, I try to gather all my knowledge on the current state of affairs and combine them with my own thoughts on the country to come up with a reply.

“At a glance, our country seems to have a booming economy, but upon closer inspection it becomes clear that there is a large economic inequality between the upper class and the common people. It’s to the point where the impoverished areas and villages are so miserable that no one can bear to look at them. And the people living under those conditions run the risk of revolting, which means we must revise the fiscal policy that is currently in place.”

The king’s eyes go wide. Hmm, he murmurs while stroking his mustache.

“Then what do you propose to fix this problem?”

You’re going to continue questioning me about this!?

What the heck are you trying to make an 8-year-old girl answer?

There’s no way that a normal little girl would be able to answer something like this!

…..Could they possibly be testing me right now? Trying to see what villainous qualities I possess?

Well I suppose that a true villainess should have a heartless solution on hand for this sort of problem, so how about this…

“What about if we were to support Calverra’s desire to secede from the Ravaal Kingdom?”

Around the room, everyone’s expressions stiffen.

Jeez. I’ve already seen that expression too many times to count. I’m getting tired of it, so can you guys try something new the next time that you’re surprised?

“Even if we support Calverra’s request for independence that doesn’t mean that we can put them under our own jurisdiction,” Gayle-Sama tells me, his eyes as round as saucers.

Thank you, Gayle-Sama. I was waiting for someone to say that.

“That’s true. We won’t be able to take them under our command.”

“Then, what are you suggesting?” His Majesty asks me, his voice a little louder than necessary.

Okay! Shall I show off what a villainess’s specialty is now?

I straighten my posture once again and then turn to look the king straight in the eye.

“We must demand gratitude from them.”

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T/N: Alicia sure knows how to hold them in suspense XD I can’t wait to see this portrayed in the manga! Imagine the king and all those older boys surrounding a tiny little girl and listening to her talk about politics and fiscal policy lol.

Chapter Notes: in this chapter instead of saying “country” this “country” that I decided that for the sake of flow, I would use the word kingdom sometimes as well. Since Duelkis has a king, I feel pretty safe in calling it a kingdom, but I have zero information on Ravaal, so there’s a possibility that it isn’t one… It could be an empire, a republic, etc. but I’ll try to come back and fix this chapter if it turns out to be a different type of country.

As for Calverra, I would assume that it’s not a kingdom (or at least not yet) since it’s under Ravaal’s control. If Ravaal is an empire though, even that assumption could be false….

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  1. Thanks for the chapter ^_^
    What kind of king learns how to run a kingdom from a 8 yr old child….. How his ancestors would be turning in their graves lol

    1. I’m beginning to understand why this king named a price, “duke…” I mean, to have a well read child (you have to admit her analysis skills are still on the level of a young child’s…) to have thought about the economics of a country more than the king… That’s just… sad…

      1. She shouldn’t have given her wisdom to the idiot king now they will use her till she cant be used….. Now as she basically secured future queen position at this point so she cant even put much efforts in becoming a better villainess…… If by chance she couldn’t become the queen they would still keep her as a concubine cant see royal family letting her go at all

        1. And 8 year old girl is advising the grown up king and has his son wrapped around her little finger, from what i could see, there would be no harem during her existence…that much of a villainness she definitely can be XD

    1. Well, supposedly their library is the second biggest in the country (aside from the one at the palace) so they probably spend a good deal of time and effort keeping it up-to-date…. Maybe. I’m grasping at straws, but it doesn’t seem too unreasonable…?

    2. She could still have knowledge of their international situation from the novel/game(I’m reading so many isekais rn that I’ve forgotten which was this), and if her father has a high standing in court, he may be privy to recent reports and have them not very well stashed from the children…or, just for the sake of developing her conversational skills as a future lady of some noble house she is given updated history classes and basic social studies knowledge that most other girls would only learn from superficially…Alas, Alicia has modern ideas on how ladies should behave so she absorbs all that she can learn.

      1. In this story, it’s highly unlikely that she has any history classes. In a previous chapter it was talking about how painful it was just forcing her to learn the mandatory etiquette for being a noble (before she regained her memories) and now that she has her memories, she’s been spending all of her time in sword practice and going to the library every day so I doubt she’s taking any classes. Everyone on the estate thinks she just disappears for 10 hours a day lol.

        (Also, I know the feeling about reading too many similar stories at once! The same thing happens to me with manga XD But since I’m translating these, the story sticks in my head a bit better haha)

        1. Then it must be all those books she’s been reading plus her understanding of her real world’s history and politics, as Kaleid Liner said XD

    3. Perhaps due to past life memories, some good examples are the United Kingdom and the Russian Federation with autonomous republics. They have a high degree of self-determination but remain inseparable from the main state.

  2. This is so funny. I feel a bit sad for Dulcis Kingdom. But well, our villaines-wanna-be maybe fix everything with her short age and big efforts and everything she does.

  3. leaving aside the fact that they’re surrounding an 8yo girl, this chapter was fckin amazing. it just barely touches on the kingdom management subgenre of isekai, but wow that felt amazing to read!
    although a bit weird, in a way, it’s neat that the king is open-minded enough to consider a genius child/female’s opinion.

  4. I like her comment about their reaction. I mean, sure getting reactions is fun and game, but if they are repetitive, it gets boring after all.


  5. Thank you for the chapter 🙂 I’m wondering if this impromptu council is based on the proverb originating from the Bible(particularly King James’ version) where truth and wisdom are to be gained from the mouth of children, most likely referencing their unbiased view of the world/matters. Maybe he’s also trying to see if Duke is surrounding himself with the right future council/entourage and if she’d make for a good queen(as Duke’s wife). Seriously, his name saddens me, he has the most awkward one in my line of isekai, even if he’s so far mysteriously adorable XD

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