I’ll Become a Villainess That Will Go Down in History Ch. 13

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As I step down from the carriage, I’m met with an abundance of dazzling light.

So this is Finn-Sama’s house!?

As one would expect from light magic users, I’ve never seen such a glittering estate before.

Just looking at is making my eyes hurt. I really wish I had some sunglasses, but there’s no way that those exist in this world, is there?

“Al, Henry, Alan! Welcome!!” A smiling boy says, running towards us.

“And Alicia, thank you for coming! I’ve been wanting to find a chance to talk to you, so I asked Alan if he would bring you along when he came to visit,” Finn-Sama continues, his smile lighting up his whole face.

Ahh, that type of smile is probably capable of captivating every shotacon1 in the country. How can someone’s smile shine so brilliantly like that?

“Thank you for inviting me,” I say and give him a small curtsy.

Finn-Sama tells me that there is no need for such formalities and that I should let myself be at ease, but I just smile in reply. A villainess must be alert at all times after all; she cannot let her guard down just because she’s been shown some hospitality.

Finn-Sama guides us to the guest room, and as we walk I get the feeling that this is not the first time that my brothers have visited Finn-Sama’s home before.

“After you,” Finn-Sama says, stopping in front of a large door and proceeding to open in it for us. He might look like just a boy, but he still has all the mannerisms of a gentleman.

I give him my thanks and then walk into the room.

Inside, I see that Curtis-Sama, Eric-Sama, Gayle-Sama, and Duke-Sama are all already inside. They are seated on large couches that sit surrounding a desk at the back of the room.

Are they perhaps planning to induct me into their group today?

How troubling. Proper villainesses do not tend to join groups. Gather followers, perhaps, but they never become members of already established circles.

As I am thinking this, I notice that there is a map laying open on top of the desk. But why a map? Could they already be planning to exile me from the country?

Did I do anything evil enough yet to warrant such treatment? If I’ve performed some act of villainy that I don’t even have any recollection of, then I must already be a splendid villainess, indeed.

That was unexpectedly fast.

“Make yourself comfortable!” Finn-Sama says giving us another sparkling smile, but there’s no way that I could let myself relax in this situation.

Before anyone moves though, we hear someone knock, and then the huge door to the room slowly opens.

Instantly, I feel my back stiffen and I freeze in place.

I start to question my own eyes… But without a doubt he really did enter the room just now.

What could the king of this country possibly be doing here? I don’t think he’s an impostor either.

He’s definitely the real one. I mean, that aura of dignity and that amount of presence can’t easily be faked.

My brothers and their friends all bow their heads, and I follow suit, bowing just a beat behind them.

Wait, were my crimes so severe that the king himself needed to come to banish me from the country!?

“You may rise,” he says, his dignified voice resounding throughout the room. At his words, we all raise our heads.

Even though he’s not that young anymore, he’s still quite handsome.

His eyes are a shade darker than Duke-Sama’s and somehow give off the impression of great wisdom and intelligence.

“So you’re Alicia,” the king says. He had been staring intently at me but all of a sudden his face broke out into a kind smile as he addressed me.

As an adult, his expression exudes the confidence and composure that only comes with age, with the result being quite elegant.

“Good afternoon, Your Majesty,” I reply and bow, just as Finn-Sama had greeted His Majesty earlier.

“I’ve been hearing many things about you,” he tells me.

“About me….?”

Astonished by his words, my voice squeaks as I respond.

“Do you mind if I ask you some questions?”

Not knowing what he could possibly want to ask about, I say, “Okay.”

The king walks over to sit down on one of the couches, and my brothers and their friends sit down on the remaining seats.

Huh? Am I to be the only odd one out?

I remain standing, silently observing the situation.

The king glances over at the map for a moment and then raises his head to look in my direction.

He trains his intelligent eyes on me as if trying to see through me, to know what I might be thinking.

“Alicia, in your opinion what sort of position does this country occupy in the world?”

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T/N: Lol, the King must have a lot of free time if he just shows up at his son’s gatherings willy-nilly… I wonder what he wants? A bride for his son? To start grooming Alicia to be one of his vassals since she seems to be a genius? What do you guys think?

1A Shotacon, for anyone who is unfamiliar with this word, is someone who has a romantic preference for little boys, or boys who look young. Below I have a picture of Finn from the manga, and as you can see he has a cute, innocent look, which is what shotacons supposedly tend to like.

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  1. You said to start grooming her NOOOO 💀 i think hes gonna try to see how much of a genius she is and how useful to the country she can be

  2. Hm. I don’t trust this king… Gives the would-use-a-genius vibe. As long as he doesn’t do anything bad, I suppose it’s fine…

  3. I’m going to say that I think the King wants to see how well she can use her brain and if she can do so well enough, he plans to tie her to the country by any means possible (engagement with Duke, a title, a position, etc.)

    So hopefully he gives her a high enough standing that once the heroine appears she is untouchable even by the harem members.

    1. at the way things are going there are not going to be any harem members except for low teir trash, read a story like that before but for the life of my cant remember the name

      1. So you’re saying that these high level capture targets will wall in love with our MC and not the heroine? That’s likely but sometimes the author of these kinds of novels like to do some weird things like having a mysterious force that makes things go they way they went in the game.

    2. I’m pretty sure he wants to “recruit” her for something related to Duke, he might want to form her as a future queen(and then we have the classic route of the MC who thinks herself the villainness simply because she got an early engagement to the prince who would eventually fall madly in love with the book/game “heroine”, although it’s rather obvious she’s already capturing Duke big time XD), or for a high function related to protecting(I’ve read a josei manga that sort of dealt with this) or advising him, eventually leading to the same result. Cause from the manga images, Duke is already crushing on her…

  4. Thanks for the chapter ^_^
    This chapter reminds me a few lines from grand blue 😂
    Alicia looking at finn: so bright!
    Alicia looking at king: the face of scum makes me relax

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