I’ll Become a Villainess That Will Go Down in History Ch. 6

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T/N: To start off, I want to say thank you to my Cookie Donor Djanelle! Thank you for helping me further my Keebler addiction XD Also, I want to give a special thank you to all of my patient Cookie Donors. I’m sorry I wasn’t keeping up with my page for you guys, but I’m all up to date now! So thank you once again to Shiro, George, Emma, Madeline, Yin, Mary, and Aiza! You have all finally gone down in Cookie Donor glory~

I woke up early today as well.

Why was I sleeping in so late before I wonder?

Looking at the clock, I confirm that I have 30 minutes left before Rosetta will be coming in to wake me up.

I’m sure my brothers woke up a while ago, and have already started their morning sword practice.

I can’t let myself lose to them!

I jump out of bed, planning to get started on my daily training as well but….. it hurts.

Since I suddenly started working out yesterday, it seems like my muscles are quite sore today.

My stomach seems to feel okay, but each time I try to move my arms at all, it feels like electric shocks are running painfully through them.

It seems like the sit-ups should be doable at least, so I guess I’ll just get those out of the way for now.

….Huh? That wasn’t nearly as bad as it was yesterday. I was able to do all 100 in one sitting today. It was still pretty hard, but I got through it rather quickly.

Is my body already accustomed to being able to do 100 sit-ups after just one day of training? Normally, that would be impossible.

But, that’s what it seems like…. I did them in exactly the same way I did them yesterday. Does that mean, I might actually be able to do all the push-ups in one go today….?

….I did it. My arms hurt a lot while I was doing them, but I did all 50. Just yesterday, I ended up collapsing before I was even halfway done….

Isn’t that too much of an improvement for just one day??

Is Alicia actually someone incredible…..? Just by exerting a little effort, she’s capable of so much……

So why did she seem so incompetent in the game I wonder?

It really was just because she was so spoiled growing up, wasn’t it?

Which means…. as long as I properly sharpen my skills, I should be able to become an even better villainess than the Alicia from the game was.

Ufufufufu. I can’t stop grinning.

It’s only been 10 minutes… I still have enough time to do two more sets!

With renewed energy, I continue my workout.

As one would expect, doing three full sets of my training regimen was quite tough.

At the end, I was so tired that I worried I wouldn’t be able to even stand properly…. But I did it! I finished everything. Not bad, huh?

Knock, knock I hear a knock on my door.


It seems that Rosetta is here to wake me up now.

Not good. I’m super sweaty and out of breath still….

A true villainess would never let anyone see them looking so unsightly.

I’ll be quite the disgrace if she comes in right now.

“I’m already awake, so there’s no need to come in and wake me up~” I call out to her, hastily.

Rosetta seems to wait for about 30 seconds, but then I can hear her footsteps as she’s walking away from my room.

Why did she just stand there and wait for so long I wonder? Was she that surprised that I was already awake? Well, I’m sure she’ll get used it soon enough.

As soon as I get my breathing back under control, I change my clothes and then set off towards the library.

As I am passing by the garden I once again see my brothers hard at work practicing their sword fighting skills.

Sigh The more I watch them, the more I want to try! But I need to build up some muscle first…..

As I watch them, a huge inner struggle erupts within my heart, but eventually my patience wins out.

I stay where I’m at and just continue to watch. I notice how the sun glints off of my brother’s violet eyes so beautifully.

Just like our father, all three of them have such pretty violet eyes, while I share our mother’s golden ones.

I can’t help but feel like violet eyes are more befitting of a villainess though… They give off more of an evil feeling than golden eyes do. Makes me feel a bit envious of my brothers.

But looks aren’t the only thing that matter! It’s what’s inside that counts! The color of my eyes have nothing to do with how good of a villainess I can become.

Once I had convinced myself of that, I head off towards the library once again.

Today I go to a different area of the library and spend the better half of an hour continuing my search.

But unfortunately, I don’t find any books on darkness magic there either.

I didn’t think it would be easy to find them, but I never could have imagined that it would be this difficult either. I can’t seem to understand how this library was organized.

I guess that means I won’t be able to find them without the proper determination and will-power.

For today at least though, I decide to settle down with reading some books about animals.

And with this as my typical daily routine, in what felt like the blink of an eye a whole week had passed.

During that time, a rumor spread around the estate how I was waking up early and then disappearing for hours. People were shocked to hear of my supposedly strange behavior and many were suggesting that my family should call a doctor to examine me.

Which is quite rude! I am perfectly sane and healthy!

Though, it’s true that no one would even think to guess that I was holing myself up in the library that whole time…

Father would always make a point of asking me what I had been doing all day during dinner, but there’s no way I could tell them what I was actually doing, so I would just smile sweetly and throw out some sort of lie.

Almost like a truly malicious villainess don’t you think?

If I am already displaying such deliciously evil tendencies at the age of 7, just think about how wonderfully heinous of a villainess I’ll be after I grow up!

I think I’ve grown a lot over this past week. No, I haven’t gotten any taller of course.

But I’m now able to read 10 whole books in about an hour. And I’ve been spending around 10 hours reading each day, so that means I’ve been reading 100 books per day.

Honestly, even I find that pace to be a bit disturbing. But that’s just how fast I read somehow.

Maybe my brain is just able to process things super quickly or something?

I’ve grown a lot stronger over this past week as well. Although you can’t tell just by looking at me, I still look like I have no muscle to speak of, I’m already strong enough to do 500 sit-ups and 300 push-ups in one sitting every day.

It’s rather mystifying how I was able to improve that fast. Even I have no clue how I managed it.

Plus, I’m now able to handle all sorts of back flips, whip backs, and mid-air twists….

Aren’t my physical abilities almost superhuman at this point?

Though maybe this is just the norm for a world in which magic exists.

While absentmindedly thinking about all this, I jump out of bed, get changed, and make my way towards the garden.

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T/N: The chapters are getting longer, so my translation pace is getting slower as well haha. Too bad I don’t have Alicia’s fearsome learning-growth abilities!

Also, I received one comment saying to leave honorifics out and one asking to keep them in…. So I’m taking the lazy route and leaving them in for the most part. If anyone knows a good way to translate -sama and -niisama and Ojousama and the like, let me know. I would definitely consider editing my previous chapters and replacing them. But I feel like important relationship information is lost if I remove them altogether.

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  1. Thank you for the chapter! 😄 Wowwww….. The hell! Her magic is really convenient. Is it healing her muscles and her tiredness that she grows her muscles so quickly to accomplish so much? 😲 I’m jealous, too 😪

  2. This girl… 10 whole books in an hour? Then it wouldn’t take long for her to read the whole library, right? What the heck is she aiming for? Even just having the knowledge of a whole library would make her too valuable to get rid of…

  3. Thanks for the chapter! At this point im thinking shes gonna be something more like godzilla than a little bully in an otome game 💀

  4. If it was an anime or something else with audio I wouldn’t mind leaving the honorifics out, but for text, where we can’t refer to the original unless we go find the raws, I think we should leave them in. It’s something that can’t be accurately translated to English and just omitting them will cause important subtleties to be lost, in my opinion.

    Anyway, thanks for the release!

  5. I can’t wait to see her try actual villainy. Thanks for the translation!

    I think I have a very slight preference for the reading experience without honorofics, but I’m really just barely leaning over the line here.

  6. Thaks for the new chapter.
    I don’t know I think I prefer the honorifics but do as you want and your translations are always fabulous with or without them.

  7. Thanks for the chapter ^_^
    Ojousama can be written as m’lady when servants addressing her but keep niisama as it is because it will translate to something like esteemed elder brother lol

    1. Lol, I always forget about M’Lady. I do actually like that! It has such a romantic ring to it. I’ll keep that one in mind and see how it fits in with the story!! But yeah…. It’s the whole niisama/ani thing that is hard to deal with. “Bro” for ani can work, but we don’t say stuff like Bro-“Name” so it just doesn’t translate well.

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