Reincarnated into an Otome Game? Who Cares! I’m Too Busy Mastering Magic! Ch. 15

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The Legend

This world once consisted of nothing but Darkness.

And as time passed, Darkness craved a reprieve from its isolation.

It developed a purpose as it longed for change, and through its determination Transformation was born.

The first transformation appeared in the form of Light, and from its first moments, it empathized with that loneliness and solitude, thus endeavoring to Transform this whole world.

By spreading its power to the farthest reaches, the Sun God was born, and with it the ice that had been surrounding Darkness began to melt away.

Then Darkness, desiring that Light and Sun might have a time to rest, inadvertently created the Moon God out of Light’s reflection.

But even so, from that point on Light continued to Transform the world.

From the glistening ripples that Light radiated, the Water God was formed.

And as Light’s power continued to spread throughout the void, the Gods of Wind and Atmosphere were born.

In order for Light’s power to have a place to dwell in, the Earth God was also created.

Just through Light’s mere existence, the world continued to change as well.

From Light’s power that had accumulated on the Earth, the Fire God was born.

And the areas which Light vacated beget the Gods of Blizzards and Ice.

The tracks that had been left in Light’s wake also created the Thunder God.

Darkness, delighted at this new and abundant world, cried tears of joy that fell upon the Earth. And from those tears sprung flower buds and all manner of creatures started to come alive.

In order to thank Light for this prospering world, Darkness gave Light a gift: wishing that their children would be free to roam the Earth, Darkness combined its and Light’s powers, and thus created “people.”

And to allow those people to develop and grow, Darkness created things that could both hurt and help them.

At last, Darkness’s lonely and empty realm was no more.

Our world had been born.

Conny’s kind voice rings out in the chapel as her telling of the Legend of Creation comes to an end.

“We used to recite this story every week back at the orphanage. It seems I ended up completely memorizing it.”

“I see. It’s amazing that you were able to remember it so well,” I praise, making Conny blush and giggle with pride. 

“Isn’t the Legend just wonderful? In the story, I always end up thinking that Darkness and Light seem like lovers.”


Hearing my questioning tone, Conny blushes as she tries to explain.

“Darkness is amazingly powerful and yet at the same time, completely powerless when by itself. But then Light appears and introduces Darkness to a bunch of new things. Happy and grateful, Darkness seeks to return the favor. And then their children, we human beings, are born. It’s their happy ending! Whenever I think about it, the Legend feels like a human love story to me.”

Hearing it described in that way, Conny does seem to have a point.

However, if I approach the story from my perspective as a nearly 30-year-old woman then I can’t help but feel like Darkness was a massive yandere…… Think of it this way: Darkness was so completely dependent on Light that Light was basically its whole world. Plus, it went as far as to create things that would threaten its own children! Though instead of saying any of that….

“It does seem kind of romantic,” I end up saying, just to be on the safe side.

Having finished retelling the Legend, Conny shows me around the rest of the chapel. We take a look at the altar, the engravings and sculptures around the room, and when we get to the windows, she tells me of the tales depicted in their stained-glass panels.

I might be sidetracking a bit, but apparently churches have been displaying such stories using stained-glass windows since the Middle Ages. Whether it was back then, or now, the townspeople oftentimes could not read the characters written within them, so besides using the glass to pass on the stories, missionaries also went from town to town, spreading the stories by word of mouth.

Conny is also one of the people who cannot read many of the characters inscribed here, but she knows the stories well from the recitations she listened to at the orphanage. Even without knowing the exact words, she can still explain what each story is about to me.

“This pane shows the story of the Great Hero, Siegfried……”

Ohhh Siegfried…… It seems like the names and stories from the legends in this world are linked with those from my past life. Although the regions and time periods have become a bit jumbled…

And so I pass the time in that manner, sitting in the congregation’s pews and listening to Conny’s version of the stories. But as I listen to her soothing voice and feel the soft rays of light shining gently on my face, I feel myself start to grow drowsy. My head starts to droop, and my eyelids grow heavy, and by the time Conny notices, I am already dozing off. Conny muffles an amused little laugh as she picks me up and carries me back to my room.

I take a nice long nap and when I wake up I have a light lunch before I find myself drifting off once again towards sleep. When I am woken up next, it is already nearly time for us to have our afternoon tea.

I hear that today we are taking our tea at the little table in the back garden.

Looking forward to having teatime together with my parents, I happily swing my arms back and forth as I skip out of my room. Conny, who had been the one to come in and wake me, walks just a step behind me, following my lead.

There are many different ways that you can get to the back garden from my room.

One way is to go out the door located in the back of my private rooms which opens up to a path that leads directly to it.

Another is to go to the public sector of the house, out that area’s back door, and to walk on a path through the courtyard to get there.

The last way is to go through the public sector of the house, exit out the front entrance, and walk all the way around the mansion until you reach the back.

Since today my goal is to walk as much as I can, I decide to take the most roundabout way possible to get to the back garden which means taking the route that goes out the front door of the mansion.

So, my course decided, I walk down the grand corridor that connects the public and private sectors of the house together. On the way, I pass a maid who’s in the middle of cleaning as well as Alphonse-san who is seeing to the preparations for our tea party and as I pass by them, I wave to each of them merrily as I go. (Incidentally, Alphonse-san’s lips started trembling when he saw me, and when I waved, he waved back at me super enthusiastically. It seems that even after a week has passed, he still can’t believe that I’ve finally recovered.)

When we’ve finally made it through the public area of the mansion over to the front entranceway, I borrow some help from Conny in opening the door and we walk out into the little plaza located in our front yard.

Stepping out into this clear autumn day, without thinking I take in a deep breath, enjoying the crisp, clean air.

Breathes in. Ah~~~~ I’ve been thinking this since the day when I first woke up here but, this place really is different from Japan.

I had been working in Tokyo during my previous life, and I can remember just how heavy and unpleasant the air had smelled.

“Ojousama, what are you doing?” Conny asks me, her expression slightly perplexed from watching me breathing the air in so deeply.

Oh right. From Conny’s perspective, it’s actually normal to live in a place with air that is clean and free from any form of industrial pollution.

“Ummmm, I was just thinking that the air smelled really nice so I wanted to take some deep breaths. I’m just really thankful that I live in such a beautiful world.”

“Aww…….!” Conny cries, eyes sparkling.

“Since you’ve been in and out of consciousness for so long, just being out in nature makes you feel thankful…..!? You have such a beautiful heart, Ojousamaaaaa!” Conny exclaims, her hands clasped tightly in front of her chest. For some reason, she’s even trembling a little bit. No, besides that, did she have to read so much into what I just said…….?

Ever since the whole ordeal with Rouge was taken care of, I feel like she’s been practically idolizing me over every little thing.

“There, there Conny…. Shall we get going now?” I say, grabbing Conny’s hand. I’m about to start tugging her forward when I hear a voice call out to us from a person who is just entering the estate through the main gate.

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T/N: Any guesses on who’s coming in the gate?

Also, shameless plug… If anyone is looking for another Otome Game story to read, I’ve just started translating another one called I’ll Become a Villainess That Will Go Down in History. There’s not much out, and the chapters are pretty short, but if you’re bored I’ll link the project page and the first chapter here just in case XD

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