The Consequences of Having a Master-Servant Relationship with a Yandere after Reincarnation Ch. 6

Entering School and Making a Male Friend Dear Ashley Carlyle-sama, It's only been a few months, but I already feel as if I haven't seen you in forever. Have you been doing well? You haven't caught a cold or anything, have you? It's been pretty cold recently, so I've been worried that you and Father... Continue Reading →

According to Rumors, He Seems to be Trash. Ch. 9

Broken Engagement and Punishment 9 "But forget about me…. Did something happen to you, Liechten? Why were you away for so long?" "Oh, that was because Father and I went up to the castle together. He put me to work saying it was for the sake of my 'studies.' And then after that, he started... Continue Reading →

The Eternal World Ch. 12

T/N: As a note, +++ denotes a change in perspective. The chapter starts out from Prince Leo's point of view and then changes to Lily's POV towards the end. Also, words in [brackets] means that the character is speaking in Japanese instead of whatever language they speak in this country. Lastly, words in (parentheses) are... Continue Reading →

The Eternal World Ch. 1

T/N: Hi guys! I decided to translate the first chapter of The Eternal World again just for the sake of having a poll. I'm hoping to hear readers' preferences on where to pick up this story from! So make sure to vote in the poll at the bottom of the page!  ----- I stood there,... Continue Reading →

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